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Ding Tai Battery Co。, Ltd is headquartered in Shenzhen, GuangDong Province, has been playing a leading role with offering a variety of high quality batteries to global market in four aspects-Primary and LifePO4 E-bike batteries, Rechargeable Cylindrical batteries, Storage batteries, and Li-polymer batteries。 Our goal is to provide green, environmental, and diversified power battery to our clients, seeking to offer best solution to their projects。 。 DTB is dedicated in producing high quality batteries and providing professional solution to our clients。 Hence we are able to provide our clients a low cost but high quality product, wholesale source and good quality service。 We are always committed to innovation, excellence and success in everything we do。


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27 2018-01

Chinese Spring Festival

Dear All, Please note we will have a holiday from Feb 10th, 2018 to Feb 23th, 2018. All the order...

04 2017-03

How to keep lithium/li-ion battery?

How to keep lithium/li-ion battery?

03 2017-03

Difference between 18650 li-ion power battery and ...

网上百家乐免费送彩金Difference between 18650 li-ion power battery and normal 18650 li-ion battery

02 2017-03

How to pack battery?

How to pack battery?

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